UCD Research archives


January 2020

An overview of ongoing small-animal research
Dr Ronan Mullins, assistant professor of small animal surgery, University College Dublin, gives an overview of some of the interesting ongoing research that is taking place in the college’s Small Animal Surgery Department

February 2020

Productivity, animal health and the environment
This month, Finbar Mulligan, associate professor at the School of Veterinary Medicine, shares an update on the dairy nutrition research that is taking place at UCD Lyons Far

March 2020

Characterisation and cytomorphometic diagnostic test for canine lymphoma
Peter James O’Brien, head of clinical pathology, and his global team of five summer students report on completion of a rapid test for canine lymphoma


February 2019

Racetrack opportunity and success – the ‘Speed Gene’ test
A collaborative research study between UCD and global equine science company,
Plusvital, led to an investigation into the economic outcome when thoroughbred horses
are run over optimal or sub-optimal distances as defined by the ‘Speed Gene’ test. This
article provides an overview of the investigation

March 2019

An exploration of markers of iron defi ciency in dogs
UCD researchers are examining the biomarkers of iron status of dogs with confirmed and
suspected iron deficiency with a view to improving diagnoses and care of impacted animals

April 2019

Dairy nutrition research: low milk fat percentage
Orla Neville’s current research hopes to shed further light on the significant issue of milk fat
depression and low milk fat percentage on Irish dairy farms

May 2019

Investigation of the relationship between helminths, the host immune system and intestinal dysbiosis in horses
Researchers at University College Dublin are currently investigating ways to provide better diagnostics and treatment of horses at risk from acute larval cyathostominosis

June 2019

Oral delivery of unstable bioactive components sourced from food: formulation and assessment
Oral delivery is the preferred route for bioactive components sourced from food.
Researchers at University College Dublin are working on formulating bioactive components, which are currently unstable and poorly absorbed to unlock their desired physiological effects

July 2019

Tick-borne diseases in Ireland
Researchers at University College Dublin are evaluating the prevalence of selected tickborne diseases in Ireland

August 2019

Canine demodicosis and the role of demodex mites in rosacea
Researchers at University College Dublin are investigating the pathogenesis of canine demodicosis and the role of demodex mites in rosacea – a one health approach

November 2019

UCD summer research update
Alison Reynolds, assistant professor in veterinary biosciences, University College Dublin, provides an update on some of the research projects that students undertook this summer