Focus - March 2019

Importance of trace elements in cattle fertility and productivity

With trace elements playing such a critical role in the fertility, productivity and welfare of dairy and beef cattle, it is vital that veterinarians proactively engage with their farming clients at this time of year. This helps to ensure nutritional requirements are factored into herd health management, and that appropriate diagnostics are taking place, writes Dr Renée Lodder BVSc BCom, technical veterinarian, Europe, Bimeda Animal Health Limited

The role of the vet and vaccination in BVD eradication

Significant strides have been made in controlling bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD) infection since the national eradication programme was introduced with many questioning whether the need for BVD vaccination still exists. Suzanne Naughton MVB veterinary technical advisor, MSD Animal Health, seeks to answer this question

Stamping out digital dermatitis

Sara Pedersen BSc (Hons) BVetMed CertCHP DBR MRCVS, RCVS-recognised specialist in cattle health and production, explores the cycle of digital dermatitis infections and the ways to stamp it out